A primary goal of the Fertility Foundatiosn program is to empower you knowledge that can help you improve your fertility potential. Each week we will explore a key aspect female fertility and teach you how to apply this information to your life. Throughout the 12 weeks we will cover topics such as...

- The Fertility Awareness Method
- Gentle Fertility Detox
- Diet for Egg Health
- Balanced Hormones
- Digestion, Your Gut & Fertility
- Stress, Sleep & Fertility
- Key nutritents for healhty conception
- and much more!

Professional Guidance

Another key component of the Fertility Foundations program is the personalized attention you will receive from a fertility-focused Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I will work with you throughout your program to help you thoroughly understand what you learn in the program, and adapt the Fertility Foundations method to your own needs. This includes…

- Initial Nutrition & Health Assessment
- Personalized Nutrition Prescription
- Private Onboarding & Coaching Call
- Monthly Personal Check-In (via app)
- Monthly Food Log Analysis & Review


Education is important, but it takes the right tools to help you put the theory into practice. On day 1 of your program you will receive a Program Welcome Package, a comprehensive pdf guide to help you get started, and navigate each step of your program. As part of our onboarding you will also receive access to a digital Meal Planning Platform (with desktop access and an app) which will include features such as:

- Library of 5,000+ nutritionist-approved recipes
- Integrated grocery lists
- Meal recommendations personalized to your anthropometrics, family size, health needs & goals
- Meal plans optimized for minimal food waste & cost (average cost per serving = $3.89)
- Batch cooking & leftover options
- Daily food & hydration log
- Direct messaging functionality
+ more!



The complete 4-month Fertility Foundations Program is available for 4 instalments of $99 per month, or $379 pre-paid in full.


The Fertility Foundations Program will run groups two times per year, one beginning in August and the other in February.

I am currently taking applications for the February 2023 intake. If you are interested in joining this group, please fill out the following form.

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