Masterclass Special: 6 Months of Fertility Support

$1,037.00 $1,617.00

Initial Consultation (session 1): In-depth Assessment of you medical history, diet & lifestyle, symptomatology, fertility goals and discussion of you custom fertility support needs.

Onboarding Call (session 2): Review of your Fertility Care Plan (complete with your Nutrition Prescription, supplementation & lifestyle recommendations, and Custom Fertility Support plan), plus a digital tour of the Meal Planning platform, and training on how to use your Cycle Charting document.

12 Fertility Coaching Sessions (bi-weekly)

12 Email Check-Ins (bi-weekly)

6 Care Plan & Food Log Reviews (monthly)

Up to 3 Research Hours

6 Month Unlimited Access to the EatLove Nutrition & Meal Planning App with 5,000+ nutritionist-approved Recipes

6 Custom-Built 7-Day Fertility Meal Plans by Ewa Reid (RHN, FSP)

Weekly Curated Meals to match your tastes, preferences and your Nutrition Prescription

Ongoing Cycle Charting Support with monthly analysis and feedback

Additional Fertility Support services as needed: informational and/or emotional support based on your needs and preferences

BONUS: Success in 6 or 3 for Free! If you do not see a positive pregnancy in 6 months or less, you will receive 3 additional months of fertility support at no charge.