Fertility Doula

In addition to having a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) designation, Ewa is also a Certified Fertility Support Practitioner (FSP) - otherwise known as a Fertility Doula – and Feed Fertility is now proudly offering Fertility Support Services to all clients.
couple siting on bed holding positive pregnancy test

What is a Fertility Doula?

The world “Doula” comes from the Greek word “Doulos”, which means the "one who serves." Much like a prenatal and birth doula serves couples in the pregnancy and birthing stage, a Fertility Doula serves those in the fertility stage – providing informational, emotional, (and sometimes physical) support from preconception, conception, to the first trimester of pregnancy.

What does a Fertility Doula do?

The path to conception is paved with many choices. A Fertility Doula can help navigate these choices, provide you with evidence-based research and strategies to help you reach your fertility goals, and be a source of added emotional support at every step of your journey. This includes (but is not limited to)….

  • helping you to understand how fertility works
  • maximizing your ‘fertility window’
  • helping you to track and chart your cycle
  • minimizing the stress and anxiety that can come from infertility
  • helping you to understand choices around fertility testing options
  • navigating options for medication and fertility treatments
  • empowering you with which questions to ask during medical appointments
  • helping you to interpret information and make informed choices
  • allowing you to express your concerns and wises without pressure or judgement
  • helping you find other fertility-focuses holistic and/or allopathic practitioners
  • connecting you with resources and peer-reviewed research
  • offering holistic mind-body strategies and fertility-friendly lifestyle changes
  • providing emotional and/or informational support through pregnancy loss
  • navigating choices around medical tests in your first trimester
  • providing in-person support at a fertility treatment such as an egg retrieval or embryo transfer. 
  • helping you rejoice when your dream of motherhood becomes a reality

How do Fertility Support Services work?

Fertility Support Services are highly personalized to the unique needs of every individual/and or couple. Someone who is just starting to think about pregnancy, for example, will have very different needs and questions than someone undergoing their second round of IVF.  As part of your Initial Consultation session, I will provide you with options based on which specific services are best suited for YOUR unique situation. Also, as we continue to work together over the coming months, we can adjust your service package to match the evolving stages of your fertility journey.

Where do I start?

To get started, chose from one of our Fertility Care Plans and book your Initial Consultation appointment when prompted. 

Note: All Fertility Care Plans are a combination of Holistic Nutrition and Fertility Support services, and your time in session will be a mixture of both modalities based on my unique and holistic approach to women's reproductive health. If you have questions about this approach, or if you would like to inquire about Fertility Doula services one their own, please contact me