Pregnancy Care, Light


$149 / month membership.

In month one you'll receive:

  • Initial Consultation (session 1): In-depth Assessment of you medical history, diet & lifestyle, symptomatology, and pregnancy support goals.
  • Onboarding Call (session 2): Review of your Pregnancy Care Plan (complete with your Nutrition Prescription for the first trimester), and a digital tutorial of the Meal Planning platform

Each following month you receive:

  • ONE 50-Minute Coaching Session
  • ONE Email Check-In or follow-up
  • Weekly Meal Plan updates: breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks
  • Pregnancy-friendly Recipes and Grocery List to compliment your plan
  • Feedback on your Food Log and progress
  • Updates to your Pregnancy Care Plan and Nutrition Prescription at the beginning of each trimester, as well as in the weeks leading up to your delivery
  • Additional resources, handouts, and worksheets, as needed

Pregnancy Care Light is a monthly subscription program. You may cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your service with 30 days notice. However, it is strongly advised that you continue your membership for the full duration of your pregnancy.