Holistic Nutritionist

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), I can help you…

~ Address nutrient deficiencies
~ Reduce toxic load & promote gentle detoxification
~ Decrease inflammation to the pelvic organs
~ Balance and support healthy hormone levels
~ Manage weight & optimize BMI for fertility
~ Improve circulation to the reproductive organs
~ Support healthy thyroid & adrenal function
~ Improve egg quality & viability
~ Balance blood sugar for fertility
~ Improve sleep & reduce stress
~ Support the liver and kidneys
~ Find the right fertility supplement regiment
~ Promote healthy digestion & elimination
~ and more…

Fertility Doula

As a Certified Fertility Support Practitioner (FSP), I can help you to…

~ Understand how fertility works
~ Maximize your ‘fertility window’
~ Track and chart your cycle
~ Minimize stress and anxiety
~ Understand choices around fertility testing options
~ Navigate options for medication and fertility treatments
~ Know which questions to ask during medical appointments
~ Interpret information and make informed choices
~ Express your concerns and wises without pressure or judgement
~ Find other fertility-focuses holistic and/or allopathic practitioners
~ Find the resources and peer-reviewed research you need
~ Implement holistic mind-body strategies and lifestyle changes
~ and more…

One goal, 3 ways to get there

All Plans Include...

The Fertility Care Method


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