Prenatal Fitness Package


We know that a healthy lifestyle involves a combination of many factors. When it comes to reproductive health, the right fitness plan can be as important as the right diet. That's why we've joined forces with professional Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Tiffany Hudson, to give you the best of both worlds: Fitness + Nutrition. 

Whether your goal is weight-loss for optimal fertility BMI, professional guidance for pregnancy-safe workouts, or a safe and effective postpartum recovery plan, personal guidance from a fitness professional can make all the difference!

Avoid personal injury, keep your baby safe, and actually hit your fitness goals with this Personal Fitness Package. 

What's Included:

  • 50-Minute Initial Fitness Consultation
  • Personalized Workout Program (adjusted as needed)
  • 3 Fitness Coaching Sessions (30 minutes each)
  • Monthly email check-in (in between coaching sessions)

Investment: $399 (one-time fee, or two consecutive monthly instalments of $199)